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The Drift Collection (monthly)
The Drift Collection (monthly)
The Drift Collection (monthly)


The Drift Collection (monthly)



Enjoy luxury, live flexible.

Become a Slash member and get this bedroom now for $79/m
Delivered to your door it takes less than 30 minutes to install. 
Ready to switch things up or moving? We'll take it back or swap it for a new collection.

Why is this for me?

People move 12 times on average before settling down into a home. Furniture is the least recycled product in the U.S. household. Moving is traditionally the biggest hassle! 
We make furnishing your home easy and efficient. With a couple clicks you'll have this entire collection shipped to your home. Each article assembles with ease in just minutes. For a small flat fee per month, you an enjoy a designer home for a fraction of the cost and without any of the hassle. When you move we're here to pick it up or even swap it for a new collection so you don't have to deal with moving, selling or throwing anything out.

How does it work? Flexible terms.

After the 12 month minimum, your membership automatically switches to monthly. 
At this point you can continue as normal, or:
Continue monthly membership as normal: FREE
Cancel membership (and return your items): $79
Buy and own your items: $149
Swap for new collection: FREE (12m)

What's included?

  • Slash/Bed frame
  • Headboard (with 4 interchangeable slashes)
  • Side Shelf
  • Box Shelf
  • Table/Stool