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/ Assembly

Quick & Easy!

A couple of boxes arrive at your home and in them is a beautiful Slash/Bed. Just follow the simple steps below to assemble and you’re ready to snooze.



Remove the sides of the Slash/Bed from the boxes and unfold flat on a carpet. Make sure nothing (including your fingers!) gets caught between the hinges and fold.



Unscrew the bolts in the metal bar and slide it to lock the side in place so the hinge no longer moves. Place the screws back in the holes and tighten gently.


Corners / Legs

Lay all four sides in a large rectangle, the way you want your bed laid out. Top/Bottom, as well as Left/Right, are interchangeable, so pick your favorite side! Lift the ends of one corner and lock the finger joints at a 90-degree angle, then slide the foot in from the bottom up. Insert the long screws and tighten. This will pull the joints together.


Center Beam

Extend the center beam to the length of the bed, then lower the ends into the slots on the head and foot. Simply push down to secure.



Slats conveniently come folded in pairs. Lay them in the grooves on the side rails then fold it out over the center beam to the other side. Some grooves (not all) have dowels that grip the holes on the slats.



You’re done! Now dress up your bed as you please and relax on your new Slash/Bed in your redesigned home!