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/ Our Story

"We're focused on redefining modern comfort around convenience, quality, and sustainability."

Effortless Living. For All.

We started Slash because we believe in the idea of creativity through comfort. At Slash, we value freedom, personal comfort, and creating spaces that reflect who we are.  From day one it's been our focus to rethink every aspect of furniture for the modern lifestyle.

Ethically Sourced. Designed to Last.

We're proud that all of our products are ethically sourced in Indonesia and artisan-crafted in an honest social work environment. We've done everything we can to reduce as much waste as possible in the production of our products. 

High Quality. Fair Prices.

At Slash, we make high-end furniture at an affordable price. How? We cut out the middleman and ship direct, so you don't pay extra for the countless unnecessary steps between the supplier and a traditional retailer’s showroom. By cutting out the hidden fees, we’re able to offer premium quality products at a fair value.

About The Slash

We view the iconic /Slash as a symbol of collaboration and togetherness. When you see an article of furniture, like a bed or a table, it connects people. That’s why we see furniture as a core part of bringing people together. Everything we build is a collaborative journey that brings together designers, craftsmen, and creators from around the world.



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