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"We make big things small, so they're easy to ship and install."


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Slash/Bed was founded on the notion that everyone deserves a bed. Our mission is to make the world's most efficient beds so they can travel to further corners of the globe at a more affordable price and lasting quality. As part of this mission we source our wood from our FSC and LVLK certified lumber partner in Indonesia and work closely with local craftswomen and craftsmen to turn real wood into beautiful furniture. 

From day one it's been our mission to rethink every aspect of furniture. At the core of this challenge is where and how we source our lumber and the way we then transform it into a bed. We're proud to announce our products are sustainably sourced in Indonesia and artisan-crafted in an honest social work environment.

Christopher White Designs


Premium sustainable furniture, made accessible.

Christopher White is a classically trained woodworker with the eye of an artist. He believes in executing his clients vision while also listening to the grain of the wood he is working with. He has always been inspired by the natural beauty around him, and strives to express that outwardly in the pieces he creates. 

Born in Brussels Belgium, Christopher White Studied woodworking in both Bordeaux and The Basque Country in France. He achieved his CAP (certificat d'aptitude professionnelle) in 1999. Having work experience in France and the US, has installed in him a professional and unique work ethic.

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