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From Tiny Apartment To Minimal Masterpiece

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From Tiny Apartment To Minimal Masterpiece

The way we live has changed drastically over the past few decades. We went from chasing a dream that consisted of purchasing a large house in the suburbs to a generation willing to be crammed in 250 square foot apartments in four-story walk-up buildings.

Dwell Magazine

Now, more than ever, younger generations are moving to cities at a rapid pace. It’s where the best career opportunities typically are, the most creative energy, and don’t forget about the trendy restaurants. Millennials aren’t interested in being isolated in the suburbs quite yet.

As a result, this creative class has transformed the way we think about small-living spaces. It appears that they’re redefining modern comfort around their personal beliefs and values. This generation wants to reduce waste, be comfortable, and is willing to live in smaller spaces. We’re all for it, and it aligns with what we believe at Slash.

We wanted to share with you an interesting story we came across about an architect with a sensibility for design who’s transformed a tiny apartment into essentially a luxury hotel room.

"An architect masters stylish minimalism in his clever renovation of a small one-bedroom apartment in Melbourne." - Dwell Magazine

You can read the full article here: