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Behind Slash: Sourcing & Sustainability

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Behind Slash: Sourcing & Sustainability

"I fell in love with the wooden aesthetic of the bed. It's beautiful!"

We hear it every time.

People's first reaction to the Slash/Bed is always disbelief that it's not made of some plastic or metal frame, which is typically used for furniture made to disassemble. But that's just not good enough.

We considered many different types of material but kept coming back to issues. Metal is noisy, plastic is environmentally no-good, boxsprings are huge and ugly, particle-wood (basically sawdust and cardboard) falls apart at the screws and can't be rebuilt and moved. Real hardwood solves all these problems. The only downside of wood was the cost, but we figured out a way to make up for it by saving on other expenses, like shipping and storage (learn more about that here!) *hint: we slashed the bed in half!*

Then why doesn't a bed like this already exist?  Well, timing mostly. Today is the day for a modern bed. By removing inefficiencies, we're able to help you save money, get better quality furniture, and do good for the planet.

All our products, including the Slash/Bed are designed in Brooklyn, New York and made of sustainably forested Indonesian wood, which gets its Scandinavian touch with a minimal design and an ecological footprint. Efficiency is what we're all about. We've done everything we can to reduce as much waste as possible in the production of our products. By partnering with a supplier in Indonesia who's lumber yard is FSC and LVLK certified, we remove wood from a single area of a forest using a cable system. This protects all surrounding flora and fauna from damage usually done by bulldozers. Once the tree is removed, we step aside and allow nature to flourish, not returning to that location for another 30 years!