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Exceptional Quality. Ethical Factories. Fair Prices.

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Exceptional Quality. Ethical Factories. Fair Prices.

The fact is, better furniture doesn’t have to cost more. That’s why we created Slash. By building direct relationships with our suppliers and customers from the start, we eliminate all the extra costs associated with inefficient and unnecessary markups. We make designer quality products more accessible and affordable for everyone.

As we began to dive into the idea of Slash, we began to see all the flaws in the industry. The system by which furniture is designed, made, and sold is long overdue for a major change. Traditional brands have a lot of markups built into their retail pricing; like distribution costs, wholesale to retail markups, and shelf stocking. And YOU, the customer, end up covering the cost of these additional markups. That’s ridiculous! We felt there could be a better way.

Modern home essentials. Designed to last.

All Slash products are made to make lives easier and designed to last. We listen closely to you, our community, and are constantly searching for ways to create a better experience. It’s our commitment to bring you modern home essentials, created with radical transparency, quality sustainable materials, and all made in ethical factories.

At Slash, we put people first. We’re creating a new kind of customer relationship by being in direct, two-way communication with the people who buy our products and the people who make it as well. The whole Slash organization is built around customer feedback, as we grow a community of people who believe everyone deserves better.