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Our Story: Where It All Started

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Our Story: Where It All Started

"How do we give a generation that's moving around more than ever a feeling of home wherever they go?"

A little while back, a couple of friends set out on a mission to create spaces that make people feel comfortable. Why?

Brooklyn, San Francisco, Miami, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Lisbon.

That's the list of cities where the co-founders of Slash have lived over the past couple of years. Each of us has moved around quite a bit both for work and adventure. As a result, we all faced the problems involved with moving from one place to the next. Most importantly, we all experienced the feeling of wanting a sense of home wherever we went. 

We started this journey by deciding to create premium furniture that’s designed around convenience, accessibility, and sustainability. Furniture that anyone could easily take with them. We're living in a world where people want flexibility and mobility, and home furnishings should be transformed to fit that notion.

Our first product to launch is the Slash/Bed. A bed frame redesigned from the ground up to fit into small boxes, ship to your door and assemble in minutes. We’re excited about the future and definitely want you to be a part of the Slash journey.

What Matters For Us

At Slash, we value freedom of self-expression, personal comfort, and providing a sense of belonging. From day one it's been our focus to rethink every aspect of furniture for the modern lifestyle. At the core of this challenge is where and how we source our lumber and the way we then transform it into a product. We're proud that all of our products are sustainably sourced in Indonesia and artisan-crafted in an honest social work environment. Ultimately, we aim to inspire more collaboration and authenticity around the world through every piece we design and space we create.

About The Slash

We view the iconic /Slash as a symbol of collaboration and togetherness. When you see an article of furniture, like a bed or a table, it connects people. That’s why we see furniture as a core part of bringing people together. Everything we build is a collaborative journey that brings together designers, craftsmen, and creators from around the world.

We want to hear from you. Feel free to reach out if you have any ideas or simply want to chat