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Meet Designer Christopher White

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Meet Designer Christopher White

Christopher White, Slash Co-Founder & Head of Design, has spent the past two decades designing showrooms for luxury brands in New York City, creating custom pieces for private clients, and has recently set out on his own to bring a specific vision to life.

“Let's make premium sustainable furniture accessible for all.” - Christopher White


Born in Brussels Belgium, Christopher White studied woodworking in both Bordeaux and The Basque Country in France.  He achieved his CAP (certificat d'aptitude professionnelle) in 1999. Having extensive work experience in France and the US has instilled in him a unique sense of design and incomparable work ethic

Christopher White

The Passion

Christopher White is a classically trained woodworker with the eye of an artist. He has always been inspired by the natural beauty around him and strives to express that outwardly in the pieces he creates. Christopher started mastering the craft at a young age, and he’s truly dedicated his life to his passion.

Christopher White Designs

Amongst other things, Christopher also tours with a rock band, practices mixed martial arts and is an enthusiast for enabling others to express themselves. Music, in turn, plays an integral role in the design of all beds and the Slash brand. The Slash name for instance, besides its utility value, was also inspired by the symbolic message behind music collaborations.

You can see more of Christopher's work here.