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Where Craftsmanship Meets Forestry

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Where Craftsmanship Meets Forestry

Products should leave their mark on the world, not the planet.

Slash Forest

We want to share the importance of all types of forests and encourage people to learn and share more about them.

Forests are a core part of our craft and we have a ton of respect for the outdoors and our planet as a company. Wood remains one of the most useful and sustainable materials to build furniture and many other products around the world. At Slash, we understand that it's in everyone's best interest that we source and treat our lumber in the most efficient and natural ways possible while setting an example for the furniture industry by reducing as much waste as we can along the way.

The way we source our lumber is unique in many ways. But particularly the fact that we do not use bulldozers to blast through a beautiful jungle (which unfortunately still happens around the world). Instead, we select individual trees which we strategically remove from the forest using a special cable and winch system. This lifts the trunk and helps us avoid damaging any surrounding flora and fauna. We then leave that area and don't return for another 30 years so that the ecosystem can continue to thrive. 

Learn more by watching our video below:

From day one it's been our mission to rethink every aspect of furniture. At the core of this challenge is where and how we source our lumber and the way we then transform it into a bed. We're proud to announce our products are sustainably sourced in Indonesia and artisan-crafted in an honest social work environment.