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Café Boavida

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Café Boavida

Lisbon, Portugal remains one of the best culinary experiences in Europe. Located along a major harbor its coastal cuisine is inspired by all the unique visitors.

Today, Lisbon has become a haven for young people who want to indulge in good food, wine, and the occasional mezcal without breaking the bank. The warm weather and charming streets (to which San Francisco definitely took a page from their playbook) make Lisbon difficult to leave, but the most captivating part of the city is by far the people. 

Greeted by smiles and a genuine sense of welcome at every local cafe, pub or corner. While the people of Lisbon are facing serious threats of gentrification they have been far from bitter and instead wonderfully accommodating to the many visitors from around the world.

If you dodge the cars crossing a narrow street in Santos, a part of the city described as the "Brooklyn of Lisbon" you'll find one such gem. Named after the local market that preceded it decades ago, Boavida serves locally grown fresh meals that are an Instagrammer's dream. 

Talk about getting comfortable in a cafe. On a business trip for Slash I stayed at an Airbnb around the corner and jet-lagged as I was I stumbled upon this spot on my way home from a scenic city stroll. It just opened and was quiet, besides the two gentlemen preparing the coffee machine and local produce there was no-one else there. Immediately welcomed to the bar and offered a fresh cup of Americano and a plate of the day, which was a scrambled egg with mushroom and leaves of which I've never heard before but tasted delicious.

I propped down at a seat near the entrance, plugged in my laptop and synced up to the WiFi. Voila! I had nothing else to need. Slowly more people stumbled in as I did and enjoyed their meals with friends, colleagues, and family while I typed away and took my meeting a couple of hours later. 

I felt comfortable here.
I was productive, well-fed and I came back many times.