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A New Experience: Luxury For All

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A New Experience: Luxury For All

Everything changes in the world. Culture. Fashion. Yet, the furniture industry hasn’t done much to adapt to this modern world we live in.

Over the years, our definition of luxury has evolved. Luxury shouldn’t be about just price, but rather be about the overall experience. Luxury is defined by how something makes you feel. In the furniture industry, we see the shift from focusing on price to placing an emphasis on thoughtful design, convenience, and quality for the consumer. An experience that aligns with how one lives their everyday life.

At Slash, we ‘re focused on redefining what luxury truly means in the furniture industry.

Our products and service are designed to allow anyone to live in a way that’s enjoyable and free of stress with designer products built beautifully and crafted honestly by artisans. A better experience without compromising quality craftsmanship. We believe everyone should be able to afford luxury and it all stars by peeling away the inefficiencies of the industry and redesigning each component from the ground up.

Slash thrives on this notion of creating modern spaces for modern people.